Friday, March 27, 2015

Reverse Inspiration

Here is a painting I did,
to prove I can SO do
creative stuff, so there.
There's nothing quite as motivating as a little competition. Little did I know I was upping the stakes when I advised my children to get writing. I didn't really think they would. I fully expected them to take completely after me, and therefore to write one or two posts, and then forget all about it.

But no, my son and daughter have taken to the world of words with a flurry of clever, funny and highly interesting posts. Did they stop to think about how lazy this would make their mother look? No. With, clearly, a total lack of respect, and with (so far) boundless, thoughtless enthusiasm, they have poured words on to the page. And now the world can see what a lazy, good-for-nothing hypocrite their mother is. They really should have been more careful. *Sigh*.

It better be a damn good Mother's Day this year, kids, is all I'm sayin'.

As if that kind of pressure wasn't enough, my mother jumped into the fray and now I'm heading to her place for 2 weeks in June to edit a book. My book. Don't they all realise I could have happily carried on as the dilettante I clearly am, probably for the rest of my life? But no, now it's all "work, work, work", creative expression and stuff. How will I keep up with all my watching of TV shows, with this kind of family interference? What about the vast quantity of sleep I need? Ok, to be fair, we all know I will still be sleeping as much as is necessary, for their sakes', as much as for mine.

So yes, I have been "reverse inspired" by my ungrateful children and my whip-wielding mother. If I'd known all that encouragement and applause was going to mean I'd have to make to an effort... Well. You guessed it - I'd have done it anyway. And here's the post to prove it.


  1. Hahaha! I laughed out loud, which prompted my reading it out loud to Francois. Excellent!! I didn't know you were writing a book, you sneaky so and so... I suppose because now that I know, I'm also going to bug you about finishing and publishing it. ;) how exciting! And great to know that you'll be here in June. :D

    1. I think we may be spending some book editing time together soon!

  2. Wahahahaha!!! This is SO great for faraway Kathryn. The whole family is putting up beautifully written one-sided conversation. And all just so I don't feel so far away! So kind. :') Where's Sean's blog??