Thursday, February 19, 2015

In honour of the 21 Libyan Martyrs

Nothing funny about this post, I'm afraid. I was challenged by a friend to "not look away", and actually watch the beheading of 21 Christians by Islamic State-affiliated men. I did so, after thinking long and hard about it. Yes, I wish I had never seen such terrible images. But oh, how my heart was moved. At first, I thought, "There are no words." Then I realised there were, and the words were bubbling up in me. Here they are...

Quietly, so quietly, they walk,
So still
Knowing that the end is here, on this beach
Quietly, they stand
Quietly, they fall to the sand,
These men
Calling on the Name as they prostrate themselves
in silence
Offering their necks, still praying as the knives
saw life away,
Quiet and brave beyond all understanding,
knowing there is another shore,
another beach,

where the Father will find them.

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