Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Parable Dog

Ninja the Neurotic has just crawled on her belly to me. Silly thing - she is completely forgiven, as far as I am concerned, for the heinous deed of stealing a kitten. But in her head, I am apparently yelling, because a gentle scratch of the ears resulted in her slinking off with her tail between her legs.

There's pretty much nothing I can do about that. I have accepted her apology (belly-scraping crawl to my feet). I have shown love and acceptance (scratch between the ears, soft and loving voice). And still, she ran away, convinced that I hate her, as far as I can see.

She has to deal with this in her own way, and as I know her, tomorrow, she will be back to her normal neurotic self, with a slight measure of extra paranoia.

It does make make me think of my own reaction to God, my family, and everything around me. I suspect I love this dog partly because she reminds me of me. I get to laugh indulgently at her ridiculous ways, while studiously not noticing my own random and useless guilts, paranoia's and inexplicable behaviours.

Thanks, Ninja. With you around, I can always feel slightly more sorted.

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